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Life in the UK Exam Preparation Classes - For Citizenship and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) - CEFR level B1 - GESE Grade 5

Life in the UK Exam Preparation Overview


What is the course about?
This course is applicable to those who want to take their Life in the UK Test and need help with the exam preparation.
This course will prepare you to take the latest Official Life in the United Kingdom Test (3rd Edition – from March 2013: A Guide for New Residents) through interactive classes which cover all five chapters.

We have designed our training in an easy to understand manner, where students no longer have to go through the entire text in the handbook. Our training focuses on key points you need to remember, by assisting students with audio and visual training aids.

Who is this course for?
“The Life in the United Kingdom Test" is for anyone seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) or Naturalisation as a British Citizen – (to apply for British Passport). It is advisable for students to have English language knowledge, equivalent to ESOL E3 level.

Anyone with basic English language skills (specially reading), could join our General English Course and then gradually progress towards Life in the UK course. 

The Test
There are 24 multiple choice questions, of which around 17 or 18 must be answered correctly to pass. The test is computer based. You will get your result straight after the test. The test certificate is valid for life. You will be able to prepare for the exam using the computer before the test. You will be able to choose various screen fonts and colours to help you read from the screen more effectively. You will be able to listen to the questions and the possible answers (in English only) by using headphones.

Course Contents 

Chapter 1 - The Values and Principles of the UK 

Chapter 2- What is the UK? 

Chapter 3 - A long and illustrious history 
• Section 3.1- Early Britain 
• Section 3.2- The Middles Ages 
• Section 3.3- The Tudors and Stuarts 
• Section 3.4- A global power 
• Section 3.5- The 20th Century 
• Section 3.6- Britain since 1945 

Chapter 4 - A modern, thriving society 
• Section 4.1- The UK today 
• Section 4.2- Religion 
• Section 4.3- Customs and traditions 
• Section 4.4- Sport 
• Section 4.5- Arts and culture 
• Section 4.6- Leisure 
• Section 4.7- Places of Interest 

Chapter 5 - The UK government, the law and your role 
• Section 5.1- The development of British democracy 
• Section 5.2- The British constitution 
• Section 5.3- The government 
• Section 5.4- The UK and international organisations 
• Section 5.5- Respecting the law 
• Section 5.6- Fundamental principles 
• Section 5.7- Your role in the community 

Study Mode: Full Time / Part time flexible study hours.

For further information on this course, please contact us on 020 8903 9580.

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